John Blake’s Business To Business Sales System

Business To Business Customised  Sales System

A highly effective, proven, simple business to business sales system used by leading sales organisations across Australia 

How We Can Guarantee to Increase Your Sales ?

There are big differences in the selling approach for each company and industry and even BIGGER differences in the way each strategy is best taught to the front line sales people.  Culturally companies differ dramatically and therefore the way sales strategy needs to be approached for each company needs to differ too.

Don’t fall Victim to Running “one size fits all” Sales Training that’s the Wrong Fit for your team

Simply put, if you get this part wrong at the start of your training you can waste 10’s of thousands on training that is simply the wrong fit.

Over the years we have fine tuned a system for sales growth that elegantly recognises these differences in each company so there is a smooth transition every time with the largest amount of take up and behaviour change possible. This means you get results fast.

What differentiates the system we install in our clients business’s is…

  • Each sales system is 100% customised for each company
  • There is a marriage made between product knowledge and the sales conversation
  • The company and the sales person are positioned as experts prior to the selling conversation even starting
  • There is thorough front end diagnostic completed on the existing sales and marketing system  PLUS an ongoing  implementation, coaching and mentoring program to ensure the strategies are implemented and you get results.


I Guarantee My Work

If you can demonstrate you have implemented the strategies and processes that we formulate

for you to the best of your ability and they haven’t borne fruit we will either re-do the part of

the process that you haven’t mastered yet, adjust your strategy accordingly or re-fund your


Here’s just some of the companies whose sales results have been transformed as a result of using this system..

Clough Engineering

Scope Systems  

West Australian Newspaper Group

Position Me Online 

CINEads Australia

Rip Curl Australia


ANZ bank

Ray White Real Estate

Stocker Preston Real Estate

Rusty Surfboards

just to name a few…

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