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3 Red Flag Signs You Need to Fire a Sales Team Member

3 Red Flag Signs You Need to Fire a Sales Team Member

I am probably going to upset a few people here but if if you are a business owner who employs sales people then you really need to either 1. hear this or 2. be reminded of it
Let me first start by also saying this…
If you employ someone, especially in Australia where I live, It’s very expensive and time consuming and in order for it to actually give you a return on your investment in wages, you need to have the best people possible in that role.
I see so many business people get this wrong and it can often end in them having no sales and a team member that they can’t get rid of. Left unchecked, this can be disastrous.
You really owe it to yourself, your other stakeholders and your investors to have the single best team of sales people you can get hold of selling your stuff.
Make it your business to know who the best people are and get them working for you.
Ok so here are the 3 red flags that you should look out for with your team that should make you re-assess their place in your team…

1.They are great at explaining to you why they haven’t sold anything but they haven’t actually sold anything

If a sales team member hasn’t actually sold anything while being employed by you (believe me this happens) but they are great at continually convincing you why they aren’t selling anything, this should sound an alarm bell. I have had clients employ a sales person for 12 months and they haven’t sold anything…at all.
This can leave you in a position where you have invested a stack in wages, super and time and have no sales. It can bring a business to it’s knees. (especially a start up)
The solution
set your sales person up right from the word “go” where they are getting results within the first three months. if not, it’s your fault for either 1. not giving them a clear enough path and the right training to succeed or 2.continuing to pay someone who isn’t actually doing the job you paid them for/

2.You send them to some type of training and they come back and say “yeah it was a good refresher”

There is only one scenario where you should accept this comment and it’s where the person attached to the mouth this comment came out of is selling a truck load of your product services. if that’s the case, then the actual training may have been too basic.
If you hear this comment come from anyone else in your team that isn’t consistently blazing a trail of massive sales every month, then you need to look very carefully at the person and re assess if you want to continue paying them to know everything and not get results

3.You ask yourself “knowing what I know right now, if I had the choice to re-hire this person today would I enthusiastically do so” and the answer isn’t a resounding HELL YES!

I am absolutely serious here, If you aren’t 100% enthusiastically ready to answer that question with a confident ABSOLUTELY !! for every one of your sales people, you have some re-training or re-hiring to do.
If you want to watch a video on how to hire sales superstars check out this article – it will help you for sure
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