“From 4 To 6 And Figure Projects”

“As a result of working with John Blake, we have gone from doing low profit, single story residential work to landing million dollar multi-residential projects with high 6 figure profit margins.

John’s help with our growth strategy and learning his POMVIC consultative sales process has been a major part of us now being able to efficiently and professionally convert these larger projects.”

Dan Sanbrook
Aztec Architects

“From 300K to 1 Million In Turnover!”

“Before working with John, I tried various advertising methods to target my ideal clients but with minimal results.

Using John Blake’s Premium Client Attraction Strategy I now have a system to successfully get in front of and convert my target clients in a fast, predictable way.

This has meant growth in my business this year alone from $300K – 1,000,000.00 in turnover.

If you need a way to get the attention of your premium clients I recommend you talk to John asap!”

Fiona Jeffery
Diva Works NSW

“Career Has Skyrocketed”

“In the 6 months since I have undertaken John Blake’s Professional Sales Boot Camp, my career has sky rocketed. I have enjoyed a promotion and more recently I was offered an even more expansive role”

Michael Chapman
MTI Group Mining Consumables Sales, Western Australia

Smash Stretch target by $496,000

“As a result of the coaching and strategies we learned from John Blake , I am very confident we now have the strategies and tools to not only meet this years stretch target but to exceed it by more than $496,000. The training has catapulted my team into a selling frenzy with results like Amy achieving her October budget by the 2nd of October after only being with the company for 3 short weeks. If your goal is to motivate your team, giving them selling tools that are as imperative to a successful sales career as spanners are for a mechanic and if you want to grow your revenue is a hurry, then you simply can not go past John Blake, he knows how to get results within any selling environment you could think of. It is the best investment you will make in your business this year”

Sylvia Tavener
General Manager, Darwin Digital Television

300% Increase in Average Transaction Size

“We have tripled our average advertiser transaction size with John Blake’s training”

Wes Stansfield
Managing Director, CINEads Australia

“300% Increase in Business just 18 months Using John Blake’s System”

“Using John Blake’s sales breakthrough system in our debt collection business in just 18 months we were able to grow our business by over 300% We now have a much more predictable business with highly effective sales and marketing tools. This has meant our sales have grown to a point where we can now pursue other business opportunities knowing that the collections business will continue to produce steady, predictable revenue.”

Nichola Caddy
Bouvard Debt Collection Agency WA

Working with John has caused me to completely reassess how I approach the value I bring to a client. Instead of working to book one single training day, I am now looking at a period of sessions so that the client achieves a much better result and I iron out the peaks & troughs of income I was experiencing. Now instead of submitting proposals worth $3,000 – $5,000, I’m putting up proposals worth $30,000 to $40,000.

Dawn Russell
5 out of 5

What I enjoyed about John’s workshop is we actually got in and did what I needed to do for my business. This really made clear how it all applied to my business. The bulk of it was done by the time we finished the course. He’s great with extracting what you do from you and translating that into words that grab attention. Excellent workshop, thoroughly recommend.

Angie Spiteri
5 out of 5

I have known John Blake for over 5 years as a trainer and now I can call a friend. His techniques and systems have seen me go from strength to strength in my sales. Initially before our first session I had thought that after over 20 years experience, a degree and 4 years of being a very successful salesperson for a large Australian telecommunications company, “What could I learn?” Well, I learnt a lot. Firstly I became a consultant not a sales person. His process and techniques challenge the role of the traditional salesperson. Having workshopped and role played with his systems my monthly sales grew by 500%. I have continued to be trained in different roles with John and I can, with complete certainty verbalise many of his techniques with unconscious competence. I highly recommend anyone or any company to take on his training systems for their business. You will be challenged and take home some selling tools that will make your sales meetings more professional and more lucrative. Always keep learning and challenging yourself to be the best you can be.

Rhonda Barratt-Hill
5 out of 5