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About the high stakes selling Book

Sales is a game of pressure. You're under pressure to earn your
commission. You're under pressure to close the prospect.

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And if you’re a business owner or sales manager, you’re under pressure to keep your team performing and motivated by their success.

When we choose a life in business and in sales, we literally risk it all. Our income, our security, our homes and our reputation. Everything rises and falls on our ability to close sales confidently, and with a certain level of predictability.

High Stakes Selling contains simple, practical, real life examples of how to excel in the tough and competitive world of selling.Whether you have been in sales for five weeks or five decades, in High Stakes Selling, you’ll learn strategies and proven techniques to significantly increase your results, elevate your confidence and multiply your income.

Who Is John Blake?

For the past 33 years, John Blake has been a highly successful sales person, sales manager, business owner, author and sales and marketing consultant.

At age 23, whilst national sales manager of Arnette sunglasses Australiasia, in just three years John grew sales from a modest 750 thousand dollars per year to whopping six million per year in turnover.

John is obsessed with helping business people explode sales results using a unique process that empowers both them and their clients to be 100% sincere and avoids tired,
clichéd sales approaches.

Over the last 10 years, John’s proven formula for cracking open the vault to unlock huge sales growth has been applied in hundreds of businesses in over 34 industries.

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Here's What Our Clients Are Saying


I have been able to convert 100% of all sales meetings

Since learning John's STRIKE sales system, I have been able to convert 100% of all sales meetings I have had in the past month (that is 3 out 3 sale meeting). My confidence levels dramatically increased and I am now able to make clients feel at ease every step of the way.

From $3k to $40,000
client projects

Working with John has caused me to reassess how I approach the value I bring to the client. Now instead of submitting proposals worth $3,000 to $5,000, I'm putting up proposals worth $30,000 to $40,000.
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Dawn Russel
The Heartware Group

High Stakes Selling

14 real life business lessons from over 33 years in commission only sales and business.
high stakes selling book