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Are You Wasting Good Leads On Poor Sales Systems?

“Lead generation” is the buzzword in every business conversation, with many business owners and sales managers saying, “We just need more leads!”

The issue lies in most companies’ poor lead conversion rates, essentially handing the business over to their competitors.

Surprisingly, discussions about maximizing lead conversion into paying clients are rare.

While many sales teams unknowingly bypass millions in potential sales revenue annually to pursue the next lead, business owners approach me to address the 7 typical gaps in their sales revenue stream.

Addressing any of these gaps can trigger significant shifts in sales outcomes – without spending an extra $ on marketing.

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Investing in effective sales recruitment is critical for building a high-performing sales team and driving business growth. By hiring the right talent, you can improve customer engagement, increase revenue, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Transform Your Sales Performance with John Blake's Expert Coaching

Discover the top features of John Blake’s sales coaching services that set us apart. Our comprehensive approach combines over 30 years of real-life experience, cutting-edge techniques and proven methodologies to help you achieve outstanding sales results.

Extensive Sales Experience

Our sales coaching capitalizes on John’s vast experience in the sales industry, providing your team with proven strategies and insights. By learning from his expertise, your sales team will enhance their skills, build stronger relationships, overcome objections, and close deals more effectively.

Advanced Language Patterns

Our tried and tested language patterns empower your sales team to communicate effectively, persuade effortlessly, and build rapport with clients seamlessly. By mastering these transformative techniques, your team will forge stronger relationships, overcome objections confidently, and close deals more successfully.

Bespoke Sales Coaching Programs

Each business is unique, and our effective sales coaching programs are tailored to your needs. Using our extensive experience and knowledge, we develop bespoke strategies and training modules to address your sales challenges and unlock your team’s potential.

Sales Process Optimization

Our sales coaching focuses on streamlining your sales process for maximum efficiency. We analyze your current sales operations and identify areas for improvement, implementing best practices and innovative techniques to drive better results and increased revenue.

Sales Team Development

We understand the importance of a strong sales team and management, and our sales development coaching services are designed to elevate their performance. Through targeted training, skill development, and motivation, we empower your sales team and management to excel in their roles and consistently smash sales goals.

Ongoing Support and Accountability

Our sales coaching includes ongoing support and accountability measures to ensure long-term success. We offer regular check-ins, progress tracking, and guidance to keep your team on track and motivated, ensuring continuous growth and sales improvement.

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I have been able to convert 100% of all sales meetings

Since learning John's STRIKE sales system, I have been able to convert 100% of all sales meetings I have had in the past month (that is 3 out 3 sale meeting). My confidence levels dramatically increased and I am now able to make clients feel at ease every step of the way.
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Andrew Caetano
DIY Property

From $3k to $40,000 client projects

Working with John has caused me to reassess how I approach the value I bring to the client. Now instead of submitting proposals worth $3,000 to $5,000, I'm putting up proposals worth $30,000 to $40,000.

John, looking directly at the camera with a mild smile. He is wearing a light blue shirt, and has dark hair and eyes. - Results
Dawn Russel
The Heartware Group

Why Choose John Blake To Be your Sales Coach

Hi my name is John Blake.

For the last 18 years I’ve personally helped over 360 business owners and sales professionals quickly double and triple theirsales revenue without spending another cent on advertising orworking any harder.
If you want the system responsible for transforming salesteams and creating huge shifts in sales revenue – you’re in theright place.

John Blake

Sales Growth Strategist, Coach and Mentor
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Free Sales Resources

We have created free sales resources to help you close more sales.

Video Sales Training

Gain insight into John’s sales coaching process as he covers the three “rocket fuels” for sales success in any business.

Fix Your Follow Up Foever

Sales leaders know that the real money is in the follow-up. In this ultimate guide to follow-up, learn how to extract the maximum profit from your sales cycle by implementing this proven follow-up system.

Secrets Of A Master Deal Makers Podcast

If you want to improve the performance of the entire sales team, get them to listen to John’s weekly podcast.

High Stakes Selling Book

In his free book, John shares 14 real-life business lessons that will help generate consistent sales revenue.

Sales Coaching Blog

In his free blog, John shares his sales strategy to improve rep performance and ensure that sales targets are smashed.

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