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Are you struggling to find top sales talent?

Securing top sales talent is key in today’s competitive market. However, outdated hiring methods often lead to missed opportunities and stagnation.

Ignoring this can result in low conversion rates, poor customer engagement, reduced revenue, and high turnover.

Investing in John Blake’s HP4 Sales Recruitment Process ensures you attract exceptional talent, providing them necessary support and training. This maximises success for both new hires and your business, fostering growth and a competitive edge.

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We Help Your Company Reach Their Sales Potential

Investing in effective sales recruitment is critical for building a high-performing sales team and driving business growth. By hiring the right talent, you can improve customer engagement, increase revenue, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

We Help Your Company Reach Their Sales Potential

Discover the critical differences between John Blake’s HP4 method and traditional sales recruitment strategies regarding features and pricing. Make an informed decision for your company’s success and choose the best approach for your sales team.
Conservative OTE of 120KRecruiter 22%Sales Hub
Ideal candidate profile creationincludedincluded
Candidate Screening and shortlistingincludedincluded
Customised hiring funnel (value $3213)includedincluded
Customised Sales process mapping, optimisation and SOP (value $5400)-included
Customised sales person induction SOP (value $3476)-included
90 day Custom Training and coaching support for new sales person (value $15231)-included
Sales Call reviews (value 4 @ $2123)-included
Ongoing Sales Management Systems SOP (value $3476)-included
POP6 Sales behaviour screening profile (value 3 @$98)-included
Final top 3 sales person specific interview screening system (value 3 @ 2123)-included
Offer creation and commission structure (value $2123)-included
Recruitment fee$24000included
Total Value$24,000$69,958
Your Investment (plus GST)$24,000 (+gst)$27,218**

How It Works

Strategic Planning Session

A 2-3 hour session to establish growth targets, understand conversion metrics, upgrade strategies, and develop an ideal salesperson profile.

In the session, we will:

  • Establish sales growth targets and milestones
  • Understand existing sales conversion metrics
  • Examine and upgrade the existing growth strategy
  • Examine existing sales and marketing collateral
  • Develop the ideal profile of the salesperson most likely to succeed in your business.

Sales Systemization

We implement our 3-step sales systemization process:

  • Sales Process SOP: Mapping, documenting, and upgrading your sales process into a Standard Operating Procedure for seamless implementation
  • Sales Management SOP: Creating a sales management process SOP to ensure optimal performance from your new salesperson
  • 30-Day Induction & Training: Developing a customized program to take your new hire from day one to making actual sales within 30 days

Empower your sales team with this all-in-one solution for lasting results.

Customized Hiring Funnel

We build a hiring funnel tailored to your business to attract the ideal candidate established in the strategic planning session.

This will also involve…

  • Writing a job advertisement listing for the job boards
  • Writing a job advertisement listing for your social properties and existing network
  • Creating a position and company overview video
  • Creating a repeatable hiring system that can be used over and over again as your team grows

Targeted Job Ad Campaign

We launch a targeted job ad campaign where we strategically place your job ads on relevant job boards and social properties to connect with your desired audience effectively. By optimizing your reach, you’ll attract the best talent to drive your sales team’s success.

Screening Interviews

Next step, we run screening interviews where we conduct first, second, and final round interviews, keeping you in the loop at every stage. After identifying the top 2 to 3 sales candidates, we’ll arrange meetings, ensuring you find the ideal match for your sales team’s success.

Offer Optimisation

We Simplify your onboarding process for your sales staff with our provided templates and specialist input. We’ll help you create a comprehensive position description, a competitive commission structure, and a professional letter of offer for the selected candidate.

30-Day Induction Program

We kickstart your new salesperson’s journey with our comprehensive 30-Day Induction Program. This program is designed to build their confidence and skills rapidly, ensuring they hit the ground running and start selling effectively. Invest in your team’s success and watch them thrive with our tailored induction experience.

60-Day Performance Management

We ensure your salesperson’s long-term success with our 60-day performance management program. We offer personalized coaching, feedback, and support, including call reviews, results analysis, and corrective feedback. This tailored approach ensures your new team member continues to excel and contributes to your organisation’s ongoing success.

What our clients say...


Very simple but incredibly effective

John, a sincere thanks to you. You saved me so much time and money. The concept you came up with is straightforward but incredibly effective. Again, thanks so much.
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Greg Hanson

We’ve increased our sales by almost 400%

As a result of working with John Blake on our sales process, we’ve increased our sales by almost 400% and have gone from doing $26k per week to $98k per week in sales with a conversion rate of increased from 42% to 63%.
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Jenny Revell
Director of Revell Landscaping

FAQ's about our sales recruitment

How does John Blake Sales Breakthrough Solutions' HP4 Recruitment Method work?
Our HP4 Recruitment Method is a detailed, 8-step process designed to identify, attract, and hire the best sales talent for your business. The process begins with an in-depth understanding of your company, recruitment role, and sales requirements. This is followed by designing a custom job ad campaign and performing comprehensive screening interviews. Finally, we provide templates and professional guidance to create job descriptions, competitive commission structures, and professional offer letters. This holistic recruitment process ensures we find your dream job candidates who fit perfectly into your organization.
What sets John Blake Sales Breakthrough Solutions apart from other sales recruitment agencies?
At John Blake Sales Breakthrough Solutions, we take pride in our industry expertise, personalized services, and commitment to achieving our client’s business goals. We’ve refined our HP4 Recruitment Method over the years, guaranteeing we deliver top-notch results consistently. Our business services cater to each client’s unique needs, providing ongoing support throughout the entire recruitment process and ensuring the right person fills your position, whether permanent or temporary assignments.
How can John Blake Sales Breakthrough Solutions help improve my existing sales team's performance?
Alongside our top-tier sales recruitment services, we provide sales coaching and training programs to enhance your team’s skills and performance. Our expert coaches can provide solutions tailored to specific challenges, like boosting sales techniques, improving communication skills, or negotiating strategies. Investing in your sales team’s development guarantees continued success and growth for your company.
Can John Blake Sales Breakthrough Solutions assist with remote, interstate, or international sales recruitment?
While we primarily serve the Australian recruitment markets, our experienced team of sales recruitment specialists can handle remote, interstate, and international sales recruitment with ease. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of hiring sales professionals across different geographical boundaries and are dedicated to finding the best talent for your needs.
What industries do John Blake Sales Breakthrough Solutions specialize in?
Our expertise in sales recruitment cuts across various industries, such as technology, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and more. We understand that every industry has unique requirements and differences, and we adjust our approach accordingly for the best results for your company.
What is the role of company culture in John Blake Sales Breakthrough Solutions' recruitment process?
Company culture plays a crucial role in our recruitment process. We believe in finding candidates who resonate with your organization’s values, goals, and culture for long-term success. We use this information gathered during our initial consultation to effectively screen and match candidates, ensuring the sales professionals we suggest are skilled, experienced, and a perfect cultural fit for your organization.
Can John Blake Sales Breakthrough Solutions help onboard new sales hires?
Absolutely! We offer a robust 30-Day Induction Program to help your new sales staff hit the ground running and start selling confidently. This program provides training, coaching, and support to ensure a seamless transition and set your new team member up for success.
What kind of ongoing support does John Blake Sales Breakthrough Solutions provide for new hires?
We offer a 60-Day Performance Management program, which includes personalized coaching, feedback, and support. This program covers call reviews, results analysis, and constructive feedback to ensure your new sales professional continues to excel and contributes to your organization’s success.
How much does working with John Blake Sales Breakthrough Solutions cost?
The cost of our sales recruitment services varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the role and the required level of support. We recommend contacting our team for a tailored quote to discuss your needs.
How can I get started with John Blake Sales Breakthrough Solutions?
Contact our team to schedule an initial consultation to get started on your path to superior sales performance. We will discuss your sales recruitment needs, answer any questions, and provide guidance on the best course of action to achieve your desired results. Let us be your recruitment partner and take your sales to the next level!

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