Andrew Min, a financial advisor and Wealth Management specialist at John Blake Financial Solutions.

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Break Through Your Business Plateau with the Business Accelerator Program

Have you reached a ceiling with your business and are struggling to grow any further?

This plateau can be incredibly frustrating, leaving you stuck and unable to realize your business’s full potential.

The Business Accelerator Partner Program by John Blake can help. With personalized strategies and support, we’ll assist you in breaking through this growth plateau and achieving new business heights.

How we partner together to grow your business

What our clients say...


Very simple but incredibly effective

John, a sincere thanks to you. You saved me so much time and money. The concept you came up with is straightforward but incredibly effective. Again, thanks so much.
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Greg Hanson

We’ve increased our sales by almost 400%

As a result of working with John Blake on our sales process, we’ve increased our sales by almost 400% and have gone from doing $26k per week to $98k per week in sales with a conversion rate of increased from 42% to 63%.
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Jenny Revell
Director of Revell Landscaping

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Andrew Min, a financial advisor and Wealth Management specialist at John Blake Financial Solutions.

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