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John Blake Seven Ways to Improve Your Conversions

John Blake Seven Ways to Improve Your ConversionsVisit to Learn How to DOUBLE Your Enquiry-to-Sale Conversion with The Lead Flow You Already Have.

Today, I am going to share with you the seven leverage points that I look at when I am working with a business to improve its sales process.

There are a couple of different places that you can look to improve your conversions, improve the offer that you create, and move people through your process a lot faster.

What I do when I first sit down with a new client is we go through a checklist to figure out what we are going to work on to give them the fastest shift in their sales results. What I am sharing with you today is, essentially, this checklist.

The first question I ask is my clients is how are they getting leads? How are people finding them? We look at this process in detail, we focus on their website, their landing pages, we look at what people know about them before they complete an inquiry form.

That’s essentially what we might call the indoctrination path, what is it that people have learned about your business to position you differently as opposed to your competitors.

The second point is, when the lead actually comes in, what is the method that’s been used to engage them? What I’m finding out a lot, in fact, if you’ve listened to a very recent episode, you’ll remember we talked about the fact that people are finding it harder and harder to engage new leads.

Just because somebody has completed a webform, or completed a contact form, doesn’t mean that you’re going to be able to get them on the phone straight away. Increasingly, it has become a necessity for more and more people to have a solid strategy to build somebody up from a sort of low commitment type lead, who’s really just given you their first name and their email address, up to a point where you can actually have a telephone conversation with them.

These are just two of the leverage points that I’m sharing with you today. I’ve put all of them to the test with my clients for some years and we continue to see great results to this day; now you can learn how to use them to improve your conversions.

I want to continue to drill down further on at least a couple of these leverage points in future podcasts so, stay tuned. For now, listen to this episode to know where to look in your process and determine where you believe that you need to put the most effort into tweaking to make your conversions better.

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