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In episode 197, we had an enlightening chat with copywriting expert Scott Bywater about leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT to improve email campaigns and sales messages. With over 20 years crafting high-converting copy, Scott provides thoughtful advice for harnessing AI without compromising quality.

While AI can generate text quickly, Scott explains it lacks real understanding. He uses ChatGPT to spark ideas but still relies on human editing and expertise. His process includes research, client interviews, developing a copy strategy, and writing a draft fast to get words down.

Scott then edits ruthlessly, cutting and refining to create tight, compelling copy. He says the real mastery lies in editing, not initial writing. Without foundational copywriting skills, AI output will be generic and ineffective.

To make AI more useful, Scott recommends feeding it transcripts from client calls along with clear instructions, samples from top copywriters, and specifics like “Write this as if you’re _____.” This structures the creativity.

We discuss the common mistake of writing headlines first, which constrains ideas. Scott advocates writing the full copy and creating headlines when your subconscious has absorbed the content. This unlocks breakout headlines you’d never conceive otherwise.

For email subject lines, Scott often identifies the most powerful hook buried deep in his draft copy, then uses it as the subject and adjusts the opening accordingly. Writing this way leverages AI creatively while retaining human nuance.

Scott shares tactics for launching online courses, from drip-feeding teasers to special pre-launch incentives building scarcity and excitement. He structures launches like direct-response sales letters with compelling sequencing.

While AI has limitations, Scott sees its ability to enhance human creativity and productivity. But we must first dedicate ourselves to mastering foundational skills, from research to editing. AI augments human ingenuity rather than replacing it.

We found Scott’s balanced perspective on integrating AI into copywriting refreshing.

Listen to this episode and embrace the possibilities while navigating the fine line of not leaning too heavily on the convenience of AI content creation.

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