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In this episode, we had an enlightening discussion with leadership coach Nicky Veenvliet about the insidious mindset traps that often prevent high achievers from reaching their full potential. With over 15 years of experience empowering executives, entrepreneurs, and teams, Nicky provides insightful examples of taking ownership, cultivating self-awareness, and developing emotional regulation.

We explore the tendency of successful people to hit an imaginary threshold where self-doubt and trauma surface, despite external success. Nicky emphasises accepting circumstances while taking action, rather than dwelling on “shoulds” and “fairness.”

Another trap is an inaccurate self-assessment which affirms a distorted self-image. Nicky advocates getting frank feedback from a coach or therapist to reveal blind spots.

Nicky explores imposter syndrome in accomplished women who feel inadequate beneath external confidence. Childhood patterns drive these fears, requiring therapeutic work to overcome. She notes our inner dialogue is often far harsher than external feedback.

When staff constantly asks questions, sometimes we reinforce dependency by always providing solutions. Nicky suggests asking “What do you think?” instead, which empowers teams to self-manage and think independently. This parallels coaching children to solve issues themselves first before seeking help.

Nicky points to emotional addiction as another stealth obstacle. We unconsciously crave the thrill of conflict or victimhood. With awareness, we can pivot to more positive motivations and regulation. We share frameworks for setting boundaries, having difficult conversations and managing emotions productively.

In working with male clients, Nicky uncovers far more intense shame and reluctance to show vulnerability. Cultural norms discourage men from openly addressing fears and trauma, which builds huge pressure. Creating a safe space for men to confide without judgment is critical.

Nicky stresses the immense value of seeking outside perspectives to gain self-insight. We all have blind spots. Feedback requires courage but enables growth. You don’t need to wait until you hit rock bottom – continuous learning empowers progress.

Listen to Nicky’s enlightening insights in this episode. If you relate to the self-limiting patterns she described, don’t despair. We all face doubts and struggles. But with self-awareness, responsibility, and support, we can overcome conditioning to achieve personal and professional aspirations.

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